About Us

Indiyaa Distribution Network LLP is one of the largest Direct Response Telemarketing Company of the world, mainly operating in South-East, Middle-East and Central Asia along with UK, Australia, USA, and Canada. The Company takes pride in a committed workforce of 800+ dedicated employees along with equal number of associates in form of dealers, suppliers and logistic partners, setting the bar continuously higher in terms of innovative research-based product development, rapid delivery system, amazing deals and above all customer satisfaction.

Indiyaa Distribution Network is now synonymous to quality teleshopping in India, Asia and many global locations due to its attentive approach towards meeting after-sales commitments as an equally important customer-relation parameter alongside conceptualizing and selling quality products. The happy stories from delighted Indiyaa Distribution Network customers can fill volumes, which motivates us to deliver even better.

The remarkable growth story of Indiyaa Distribution Network stemmed from various Herbal, Educational, Religious, and Fitness/Healthcare products, which set benchmarks for others to follow in a rather disarranged and mismanaged teleshopping industry before Indiyaa Distribution Network came into being. The promoters envisaged the operating ethics of the Company solely over the fact that a happy customer is the most efficient advertising tool that a seller can ever dream of, and thus the relentless efforts to make every new product scientifically tested, user friendly, and result oriented started and led Indiyaa Distribution Network achieve what it has achieved so far.

With a brand in itself, Indiyaa Distribution Network set its eyes further on some very essential yet unattended product and service categories based on elaborate surveys on customer needs and requirements in Indian and overseas markets, where Direct Response Television can do miracles if applied properly.

It is our continuous endeavor to build further upon our self-established high standards to offer millions of homes the products, which are safe, useful, convenient, and priceless yet not pricey, backed by our years of expertise in Teleshopping.