Kabz Prash

Kabz Prash is the best constipation relief medicine packed with rare natural extracts. As an effective ayurvedic medicine for kabz, it helps cure constipation naturally.

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Kabz Prash is an authentic ayurvedic remedy for chronic constipation. It is also used for the prevention of diseases caused by constipation such as hemorrhoids, cracks in the anus or anal fissure, hard stools, etc. Prepared using finest medicinal herbs such as chitrakamool, safed jira, pippal, nagarmotha, tejpatra, badi elaichi, sunthi, etc., it helps pacify doshas and relieve constipation. Kabz Prash has been specially formulated in a way that it gives quicker relief in constipation naturally without causing digestive imbalance.

Kabz Prash shows lubricating effect on colon and eases the passage of stools. It protects digestive lining (gastric mucosa) and allows stool pass easily through the digestive tract. It ensures healthy and regular bowel movements.