Shri Ashtlakshmi Mahayantra

A 24-Carat gold plated Yantra with 8 different views & prayers of Goddess Lakshmi inscribed through Nano-graphics technology.

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The Goddess of fortunes, wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi is said to bring wealth, in all forms, beyond measure to all worshipping her. The Ashta Lakshmi or eight divine forms of Lakshmi are Aadi-Lakshmi, Dhan-Lakshmi, Dhaanya-Lakshmi, Gaja-Lakshmi, Santana-Lakshmi, Veera-Lakshmi, Vidya-Lakshmi, and Vijaya-Lakshmi. The mother Goddess not only grants material bliss, but provides intellect, valor, beauty, fame, morality, health, and virtuous offspring. Abundant blessings are with the one who devotes self to her adoration.

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